Departure Angle Measurement System


Pliants Offshore developed the DAMS (Departure Angle Measurement System). Designed for cable laying vessels, it allows accurate, reliable and responsive
measurement of the departure angle of cables.

It has successfully proven its value during automated cable laying processes and cable loading. We integrated an advanced 3D engine with optimal tracking and optimized filtering algorithms, exceeding all available existing systems on the market.

Robust and proven technololgy

Our commitment to excellence is echoed by our esteemed client Subsea 7 by their following quote:

We have two systems on hire since January ’22 installed on one of our cable lay vessels. Since mobilisation we have not had any mechanical breakdown of the Pliant system despite the challenging environmental conditions. It’s a reliable laser detection system that once setup correctly will provide stable and accurate readings of the horizontal and vertical departure angle of our cables during lay



Reliable in all weather conditions


Supports multiple vessel configurations


Extremely accurate, exceeding conventional laser measurements


Fully configurable for various conditions, redundancy or extreme performance


Proven in automated cable laying


Plug-and-play commissioning


DAMS service software, for on-site service and remote support



The Pliant DAMS is built using only high-grade offshore-proof materials to ensure durability. The device has an internal climate controlled environment, sealed in an airtight stainless steel box for maximum robustness in demanding offshore conditions.

Plug & Play

The Pliant DAMS is a Plug-and-Play device. The advanced calibration functionality allows easy configuration with a single mouse click in the DAMS service software. Multiple vessel configurations can be stored parallel and easily switched if the DAMS is mounted on another vessel.

Non-Destructive Measurements

The infrared laser technology ensures that no phyiscal contact with the cable is required. Compared to mechanical measurement systems, there is no risk of physical damage to the cable.


The DAMS is accurate up to 0.2° over the entire field of view for vertical angles, horizontal up to 0.5°. The DAMS accuracy outperforms other available system due to its advanced 3D engine. Depending on the placement of de DAMS the accuracy can vary and increased even further.


The Pliant DAMS is very suitable for cable laying automation by direct control of cable tensioners. The optimized low-latency filters produce a reliable and stable signal up to 25Hz.



The standard edition is an accurate and responsive solution for angle measurements. It can be used for the automated cable laying process. The standard edition is upgradable to the premium edition.


The premium edition features the most accurate measurements with the lowest latency. Laser measurements, power supplies and climate control are all redundant to ensure the system can be used at any time for fully automated cable laying control.


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